“Shout-Out” For New Pop Music Blog

By Bob Litton

This blog post is aimed primarily at my “Followers” — or at least the several of them whose own blogs are about music, of all genres. However, non-bloggers might be interested in it, too.

An old friend (and my former supervisor at the Half Price Books flagship store in Dallas) started a blog about pop music this morning. His name is Steve Leach, and he not only is knowledgeable about the history of American pop music, particularly jazz and rhythm-and-blues, but he is also an adept writer.

On my own initiative, not at Steve’s instigation, I am urging my readers to give him at least one attentive read. His first post is not long, but it is long enough to get his central points across. He even reveals a pleasant sense of humor in the anecdote about his granddaughter’s request for titles of songs about summer. He told me he plans to write two posts a week (good luck with that!), picking a theme, as in today’s theme of “Summer”, and discussing songs from the past that concerned such themes.

Steve told me he would appreciate civil comments. He would like to develop colloquies about his choices of memorable music from the 1920’s to the 1980’s — from novelty tunes to R&B. If you have any add-to’s or helpful criticisms of what he has chosen, he will be glad to attend. He has written a very cogent “About 2” page that goes into a bit more detail than I have represented here. Check him out.

Here is the URL to Steve’s blog; just click on it and you will get there instantly:   www.songsonatheme.com

Have a good day!






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