Do things signify love? Part II

¶It is quite possible that Pappy had no goal-setting outline in mind, so he just floated from one low level occupation to another: he tried sign-painting for the longest time, then a time as a guard at Republic National Bank, then selling mail-order shoes. He had other small enterprises: I don’t know how many but two were a one-year set-up of a firecracker stand and another as the lover of a rich elderly woman.
¶His only goal seems to have been to get rich quickly and magically.  That was one of the other odd things about him. Once, when I was in my teens, I asked what his religion was. He looked at me rather daringly and said, “If God created the universe, then who created God?” But later, Pappy took to reading New Age type books. Somewhere in his weird readings he picked up on the demiurge. One day in the shanty he had attached to his old building, I stood in the doorway that separated his “kitchen/bathroom” from the larger main room. While he washed himself in a small washtub, I read his writing on a #10 envelope tacked to a door frame. It was addressed to some fabulous being who had fairy godmother type powers. It said: “Bring me one million dollars right now!” So, to Pappy, God did not exist but demons did.

((To be continued tomorrow…or maybe late tonight. I’m getting dizzy and very tired, Adieu,))


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