Bob Litton at age 19 in 1959


Bob Litton at age 75 in December 2014

A retired West Texas community journalist, Bob Litton has worked as editor and reporter intermittently for a total of 20 years over a 34-year period. With frequent hiatuses into other work in Dallas, Texas, he continually returned to labor at, or contribute to, six small West Texas newspapers and one radio station.

Litton has a B.A. degree in history (1966) and an M.A. in English literature (1971) from Southern Methodist University. Additionally, he studied Mandarin Chinese at Yale University’s Institute of Far Eastern Languages (1958-59) while in the U.S. Air Force, and he accumulated 27 hours in journalism at the University of Texas-Arlington (1975-76) as, in his view, “vocational training”.

No longer an income-earning journalist, Litton writes essays and poems, which until January 2013 he had distributed only to friends through his e-mail site. Now he hopes to broaden the audience and render more visually professional his productions via this WordPress blog.

He has self-published two books. One is a compilation of 200 of the feature articles, columns and editorials he wrote for the West Texas community newspapers, titled A West Texas Journalist (on CD only), which cannot be found in any bookstore but can be found in a few county archives and at the Bryan Wildenthal Memorial Library at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. His other book, a selection of short stories and poems titled Particles, was distributed to friends and relatives. Litton initially considered selling either or both works but decided that  one was too regional in interest and the other too personal in content to make such an enterprise worthwhile.

As for the periodicity of the blog postings, Litton planned from the start to post an essay or a few poems once every two weeks. That’s not a hard-and-fast rule; sometimes he posts earlier than expected, sometimes later.

He recently added a “follow” widget in the side bar of the post page. If you want to be alerted when Litton has published a new post, just fill out that box and you’ll receive post announcements immediately upon publication. Don’t worry: he’s not going to send you a bunch of junk mail; he hates that stuff, too.

Another option is to “copy” the URL for this blog, found at the top of your computer monitor’s screen, and then “paste” it somewhere, such as in an email folder, so you can retrieve and use it later. Here it is for now: http://www.boblitton.wordpress.com.

Or try this blog site through a search engine once every month or two, if you prefer; since the postings are only about twice a month, you won’t have to do much reading to catch up — assuming you want to catch up. A recommended search terms set is: Bob Litton/The Vanity Mirror. (Don’t use “Vanity Mirror” by itself; that phrase will  summon up page after page after page of ads and discussions about mirrors.)

If you have some simple compliment or thoughtful criticism that might help improve this blog, then send a brief, cogent email to boblitton@hotmail.com.

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